Therapien Naturheilpraxis Köckeritz
Therapien Naturheilpraxis Köckeritz
Quelle: 1und1
Quelle: 1und1


Therapies (English language)




Complementary cancer therapy including mistletoe therapy, organotherapy, treatment with thymus peptides and enzymes, regulation of the acid-bas e balance, intestinal repair


Therapy of the burnout syndrome and its follow-up treatment


Massage by sound waves


Treatment according to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Hulda Clark


Schuessler salts


Isopathy / nosode therapy


Treatment by methods of Aschner (leeches, pathes with cantharidin, cupping, bloodletting


Art therapy




Application of aromatherapy oils


Therapeutic diatary counselling in cases of special disorders


Foot reflexology





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